Wilshere: I Can’t avoid injuries

29 April 2016 2:02 am 1357 views

Rihab News, Khaled Fouad

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere believes he cannot change his approach to the game in an attempt to avoid injuries.

“All my injuries have been impact injuries and I have been a little bit unfortunate at times when I have maybe overrun the ball a little bit, so maybe I can work on dribbling with the ball closer to my foot” The 24-year-old told the Arsenal website.

“I have to get close to the defender, which is going to cause him to attempt to tackle me or mistime it as we have seen in the past”.

“That is part of my game. I don’t think there is anything I can do differently”.

“I have just got to train every day. I have never really had injuries with my muscles, or any problems like that. It is just impact injuries. Hopefully I can avoid them”.