Why Abdel Nasser used Russian pilots in Yemen war ,and what brought them back?

31 March 2015 10:33 pm 2271 views
Egyptian President Abdel Nasser

Rihab News, RNA

Maj. Gen. Mohammed Saleh Makram former Egyptian Air Force pilot revealed interesting facts about the use of the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser Russian pilots in the war in Yemen, and why Abdel Nasser ordered to evacuate them immediately to their country, and how they were confused between the honored Kaaba and the Yemeni land?

Maj. Gen.  Makram began in his interview with the Egyptian newspaper “al-watan”, explained the reasons which forced Abdul Nasser to resort to the pilots and said: “Hosni Mubarak and the Egyptian pilots were able to go to Yemen to carry out combat missions during the war in Yemen, through the journey does not stop the so-called “one shot” “.

He Makram in his interview with the Egyptian newspaper ” al-watan “, that Nasser was confident in the capabilities by virtue of being the oldest pilot grenade launchers in Egypt at the time, was driving two types of aircraft “KU 16” and “Ilyushin” It is a type of long term bombs launchers and Russian-made produced “1955 –1,960 “The stems from Almaza Airport and even Yemen to carry out strikes and back again without stopping.

Makram confirmed that Mubarak was doing to reduce the load of bombs on the plane to carry the extra fuel enough flight duration of more than 10 hours of back and forth, but in 1963 were ordered to Mubarak to travel to the Soviet Union for a training session of “military Woerns” Academy in Russia for two years, leaving a void behind him as the new pilots could not succeed him in the difficult task that was carried out, even President Gamal Abdel Nasser was forced to use Bakdamy Soviet pilots for a fee.

And Major Makram went on saying: “contracted with 8 pilots Ross came to Cairo and stayed at the Hilton Hotel, and stipulated that the only two of them and one sortie at a time, and in the first sorties Russian pilots air and send a message to the leadership of the Egyptian Air Force that there is a large number of “hackers” up to 100 thousand fighters, he asked them Nasser that Ankhvdha little plane and ensure navigation and mapping scale, and indeed the Russian pilot dropped his plane, and confirmed the existence of a large number of them, and all dressed in white clothes, and he is ready to throwing bombs, but he came a surprise message from the Egyptian leadership, “counting immediately because you fly far above the Kaaba, and this taboo area, and threw a bomb in the Red

He Makram: “After that Nasser is re Russian pilots to their country, and to assign Samir Abdul Ghaffar and his mission, whatever the price, and quickly began to Samir and his participation in the war in Yemen.”

One day I arrived distress wireless to the leadership of the armed forces, the exposure of lightning Egyptian massacre at the hands of “hackers” battalion, commanded Samir, was driving aircraft, “the 28”, relegation to rise allows the use of machine guns, and already landed his plane and began to deal with the “intruders” , at this moment was right-handed sniper shot lodged in the head of Captain Samir Abdul Ghaffar, and the plane exploded.

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