Physicians without border: Syrian regime blamed and prevented us from helping people

24 March 2015 12:23 am 1664 views
Physicians without border: Syrian regime blamed and prevented us from helping people

Rihab News, RNA

‘Physicians without border organization’ confirmed its inability of getting approval from the Syrian government to provide medical supplies in the conflicting areas. A statement of the organization indicated that the Syrian conflict started his fifth year with continuous violent savagery actions which did not discriminate between “civilians and fighters”. Also, the organization clarified that there are thousands of physicians, nurses pharmacists and first aiders were killed as well as some of them were subjected for kidnapping and compulsory immigration. This caused great gap because there is less than 100 physicians in Halib city with a decrease of 2400 physicians since the start of the conflict.
The organization affirmed that the cries of the Syrian people fill the pages of the social media sites but it is obvious that nobody can hear them out of the war sounds. Due to the need of millions of Syrian to medical supplies, our organization had to manage one of the biggest medical programmes in its history which extends for 44 years. Also, the organization indicated that “we were running 6 hospitals served the population of the areas which are controlled by opposition troops”. Also, “we presented thousands of counseling, giving births and surgical operations”. “Although our delegations with the oppositions groups were difficult, we were allowed us to send international medical teams to work aside their Syrian colleagues”. In addition to this, “we had to made another delegations with the different public leaders to guarantee the safety of our teams and not to interfere in our medical activities”. Moreover, “we did not manage to provide enough direct supplies for most trapped people at the heart of conflict”. This is due to “the inability of getting governmental approvals which is considered one of the major obstacles that we are facing”. “Although we encountered many imposed restrictions, we managed to do more than what we have to do”.
The organization indicated that upon the arrival of ISIS fighters to the area where our organization were running most of the hospitals by the mid of 2003,we reached agreements with its leaders stating that there’s no interference in the medical administration and respecting the facilities and the teams of the organization. Unexpectedly, on the second of Jan 2014, ISIS kidnapped 13 of the members of our teams.
The organization of physicians without border affirmed that it has not acquired yet the required guarantees from the leadership for not kidnapping and harming the patients and the medical teams of the organization. Also, the organization clarified that “we still run 3 hospitals through Syrian teams working with us, but the current supplies are limited’. This is due to the injury of thousands at the air raids in Halib city as well as the destruction of the houses and infrastructures’ buildings. This leads to the increasing of death rates because of the difficulty of providing after surgical care as well as the lacking of Antibiotics”.
In this regard, the organization said that “ we were forced to reduce our activities, but we continue in supporting the Syrian medical networks in its actively quest to treat patients”. Also, “the donation of drugs and the medical supplies is necessary for the working teams in the trapped areas ,but we cannot provide direct supplies to fulfill these needs’. In addition to this, the organization acknowledged that “The Syrain people has lived in inevitable suffering for 4 years” .Also, “The continuous hindrance of the medical supplies will lead to the gravity of this misery and the depriving of civilians from the simplest aids”. Moreover, “ the world should not continuously take no account of what is going on, we not only can, but we should do more for their sake”.

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