Marriage by exchange is the solution in Yemen to escape the increase in dowries

24 March 2015 1:42 am 1631 views
Marriage by exchange in Yemen

Rihab News, RNA

I want to marry your sister and you can get married to my sister……this is the core of Al-Shighar marriage (Exchange marriage ) which is prohibited in Islam because the brother presents his sister to his fiancée’s brother as a dowry.This type of marriage is spread among Yemenis which is basically depends on swapping.
The religious men indicate that exchange marriage is prohibited in Islam because the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “ No exchange marriage in Islam” where as others consider it as a void marriage. The spread of this type of marriage in some societies is due to the idea that it is a form of honor’s defense.This is presented in the believe that men consider that it is disgraceful that anyone marry his sister or have a sexual intercourse with her even her husband. Thus, the perfect solution was getting married from the sister of the husband which is called the marriage of woman in exchange of a woman. This kind of marriage is spread where the tribal relations prevail, ignorance and the lack of knowledge of women about its rights. The Al-Shighar marriage ( Exchange marriage ) incorporates the authority of man to get his daughter or sister or any women who is under his guardian married on the condition that the other man get his son or nephew or his sister or niece or others who are under his guardians married to the other man. This kind of marriage is corrupted whether it includes dowry or not.

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