Kurdish makes plane in Kurdistan Iraq

23 March 2015 10:50 pm 2057 views
Kurdish makes plane in Kurdistan Iraq

Rihab News, RNA

The Kurdish young man Nariman Anwar who is called Binriman the pilot made a plane in the city of Arbil in Kurdish Iraq. He stated that the plane was assigned service for Peshmerga forces and facilitated their military missions in facing ISIS.
According to the electronic site of Roodao,Nariman has started manufacturing of the plane since the beginning of ISIS’ attacks on Kurdistan Iraq. Now, it is ready and It will be advertised finally in special ceremonies through the next days.
Nariman who is considered the first person to manufacture a plane in Kurdistan and Iraq, worked twenty four years ago in the industry, training and piloting of planes. He managed to made a plane type Stol 701 and another four different planes.
Nariman stated that he will published the stages of preparation and production of plane as well as the way it is used and benefited through special ceremonies. The Minister of Peshmerga will attend the special ceremonies next Wednesday in Hurair airport. Nariman stated that he was trained abroad on plane piloting and he is optimistic that he can manage the production of another bigger and fast plane. He indicated that his childhood dream was about aviation where he threw himself among highlands. One of his professors predicted that he will make a plane one day. This encouraged him to continue working ,trying to achieve his dream and to turn his ideas into reality. He made his first plane in 2009 which unluckily crashed after several attempts outside Arbil and he was injured.

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