ISIS writes the name of Israel on the maps and curriculum of Jordan

23 March 2015 11:01 pm 1084 views
ISIS writes the name of Israel on the maps and curriculum of Jordan

Rihab News, RNA

Yes, ISIS is the reason! ……..It was one of the strange decisions that caused surprise for the world. This is related to the sudden decision of the Jordanian government which shocked the Jordanians. This decision indicates adding the name of (Israel) explicitly in the official Jordanian maps which are taught to many students instead of (Occupied Palestine).Also, the ignorance of mentioning the name of the Jordanian hero (Fras Al-Agloni) from the educational textbooks. This hero is considered a national hero in Jordan for leading the fighting forces against the Israelis’ entity and he martyred in 1976 war.
This decision arouse the questioning of many……Why did they take this decision ?and why now? Some have explained that it is due to the international pressure on Jordan exploiting the dangerous approaching of ISIS’ troops from the Jordanian borders which caused threats to the Jordanian lands. It is considered an attempt to address the satisfaction of the West and its ally Israel.
From another perspective, the Israeli media welcomed that decision which removed the name of (Palestine) from the educational Jordanian textbooks and explicitly added the name of (Israel) instead. One of the Israeli political analyst “ZVI Ihzquil” described this decision as a very courageous one of the king Abdullah. Also, he considered that decision as “ positioning king Abdullah as a substitute for the “extremist Islam” and he is the first brave Arab leader out of all the Arab leaders which did not yield to the extremist interpretation of Islam”. In addition to this, Ihzquil continues stating that “ the Western tendencies of king Abdullah enabled him from taking this revolutionary step”. Furthermore, he added that “this decision is considered an “earthquake” in whatever are related to the Arab tendency towards Israel”. Besides, he indicated that “this step provides more opportunities to the psychological, cultural and intellectual changes towards Israel”. Additionally, the researcher “Ophir Venter” from the Israeili institution of national security studies stated that this step from the ministry of education did not only include replacing the names ,but also it contained the deleting of the lessons which inspired the spirit of struggling against the occupied entity from the educational curriculum. Moreover, the banning of the book “Jews has no promises and no covenants” which rejected peace with Israel is a part of the Jordanian decision.