International Conference of donor organizations supports Syrian people with $ 506 million

31 March 2015 9:58 pm 1644 views

Rihab News, RNA
Third International Conference of donor organizations (NGOs) pledged today to support the humanitarian situation in Syria, provide $ 506 million to support the Syrian people, including about 90 million, provided by the associations and charitable Kuwaiti personalities.
13 Kuwaiti associations and persons Announced their commitment to the conference, which concluded, they are the International Islamic Charitable Organization, and the Association of Heritage Revival Society, Sheikh Abdullah Nouri charity, and the Zakat House, the Ministry of Religious Endowments, and the Association of Direct Aid, and the Association of Mercy International, and the Association of Patients Benefit Fund, the People’s Committee of Kuwait, General Secretariat of Awqaf, and Najat Charitable Society, the Union of Kuwaiti Banks, in addition to the head of the National Guard, Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah.
And the Gulf Islamic and international commitments at the conference reached, about 418.05 million dollars to support the Syrian people, and to meet the growing humanitarian needs in the coming period.
Around 12.2 million Syrian are homeless and displaced people inside and outside Syria . Disastrous humanitarian situations took place since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria in mid-March 2011, while the victim of a crisis, according to the latest estimates by the United Nations human rights organizations, more than 220 thousands dead and more than 105 million injured, in addition to the deaths of hundreds of hunger and extreme cold waves and hundreds of thousands were lost.
It is noteworthy that the volume of pledges charitable organizations (NGOs) in its first conference amounted to $ 183 million, and the size of spending exceeded 190 million, an increase of more than seven million dollars, while the total commitments in the second conference was $ 276 million, allocated all of the relief operations, and added to the amount of 72 million, bringing the total to 348 million spent.

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