Fears from owning and using of chlorine gas by ISIS and Syrian regime

23 March 2015 10:28 pm 1560 views
Fears from owning and using of Chlorine gas by ISIS and Syrian regime in Iraq And Syria

Rihab News, RNA.

The use of Chlorine gas in Iraq and the Syrian regime in the countryside of  Idlib raised the fear and condemnation of many countries. This leads to the focus of media on this important issue for several days. Also, the international expert Peter Soashzak expressed his fears and criticism of the continuous use of this gas which may lead to more victims.

The American Washington Times newspaper mentioned that the Peshmerga forces investigate the potential of ISIS implementation of more attacks using chemical weapons through the following period. In addition to this, the newspaper quoted what the international expert Soashzak, the official spokesman of the organization of chemical weapons banning which is concerned with the dismantling of the stock of the Syrian chemical weapons, stated that we are worried about the claims of using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria indicating that he is on a daily contact with Iraq enquiring about the security status.

    From another perspective, another newspapers such as Daily Star indicated that the finding of security team which is a part of coalition forces on several effects of Chlorine gas’ usage . This discovery occurred after the analysis of clothes and soil samples from the yard battle in Kurdistan Iraq. It is to be mentioned that the Syrian regime used Chlorine gas several times in the areas which are controlled by the opposition forces. This leads to the death of dozens of victims from  the civilian as well as the military troops. In this regard, ISIS also used Chlorine gas in his battles with Peshmerga  Kurdish forces In  Iraq.

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