Father cast his 2 children into the Nile by his inability to spend on them

29 March 2015 12:33 am 1567 views
Father cast his 2 children into the Nile by his inability to spend on them

Rihab News, RNA

In a tragic accident older workers from Sohag in southern Egypt to kill his two children because of his inability to gain enough money for them, where he gave the father two children 4 years and two years in the River Nile to cast them in the river die by drowning detectives and reported that they had drowned twelve to while they were playing on the bank of the river  , he confessed in detail , for his inability to spending them.

The back story to a Police communication received by Major General Ibrahim Saber, Sohag director of security, sinking two of the Nile River, and moving examination and question Karam Kamal Abdel Sabour, 27, laborer, he said that during his sons Ziad, two years, and kaream 4 years were playing, and staying in the same bank of the Nile River , he said ” with help of people was able to lift the body of the first and denied criminal suspicion.

it has been re-discuss with the children’s mother who reported that the father returned to the house and told her the disappearance of his two sons and he does not know where they disappeared, contrary to what he told the detectives, raising their suspicion and during the inquest he admitted throwing his two sons in the Nile River because of his inability to ensuring them and the summation of debt on it.

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