Daash is Iranian made by Ten evidences

28 March 2015 11:31 pm 2864 views

Rihab News, RNA

Still war in Syria raises more analysis to uncover the truth of conflicts and alliances in this spot, which witnessed seas of blood over the last four years … The current situation has raised questions a thinkers “Srspindar Sindi” who wondered … Why Daash  does not attack Assad army and Shiite militias by the same level of fierce by it which attacks the Syrian resistance factions such as the free army?! He pointed out that there is evidence to suggest that the 10evidences that Daash is only the Iranian made, namely:

  1. On April 24, 2014 The Times newspaper of London published a report indicating the involvement of Syrian and Iranian senior officials (Maj. Gen. Ali Mamlouk, Colonel Haidar Haidar) to facilitate the accession of hundreds of Iraqi Shiite fighters from Syria who are in a private area in Aleppo to Daash papers forged Iraqi?
  2. On September 14, 2014 and published foreign news agencies reports confirming Iranian regime to join the efforts of Russia and the Syrian regime to block the formation of any international coalition to fight al Daash terrorist?
  3. Daash compass diverted by 180 degrees, it is threatening to invade Baghdad to its threat to invade Kurdistan, and its purpose of became clear to hit two birds with one stone, the first is to give legitimacy to the Iranian forces to enter Iraq under the pretext of protecting Shiite holy sites as they did before in Syria to acquire it and its destiny, and second, a more dangerous enemy of Shiite Kurds put the government under their hammer and Daash anvil?

entering the West on the confronting line strongly and its determination to defeat Daash, especially in Kobanî, aims mainly to restore confidence in the hearts of the Kurds first, and secondly to inform them that the Iraqi Kurdistan is a red line for all, and thirdly to re-direction of the compass Daash to the direction they want, as long as all untapped?

  1. Daash Continuous attacks on the Sunni and Kurdish cities and provinces, and burning and vandalizing them, and then killing and executing and burning of where and dozens, if not hundreds, but further evidence Shiite directed some Daash wings and put in Iraq in front of the two bitter options, either undergo grudgingly to Doaash or undergo -government Shi’ite humiliated submissively ,they are in both cases the victims?

Note that hundreds of soldiers killed in the Base Speicher in Tikrit, had been at the hands of the Baathists and not Aldoaash?

  1. The regimes in Syria, Russia and Iran opposing the use of military force against Daash especially in Syria?
  2. logic and reason to wonder, why does not attack Aldoaash Assad army and Shiite militias as fierce as they started attacking the Syrian resistance factions such as the free army and the rest of the factions of the Islamic Resistance?
  3. Why do not the Assad regime falls explosive Drums on Aldoaash in Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and other instead of dropping on civilians?
  4. Why not order Baghdadi al-Khalifa on his supporters to march on Damascus to topple the Assad bloody regime to support the Syrian revolution and expand the boundaries of state succession, and then head off Iran and Hezbollah, especially in Syria and their militias instead of crawling on the Kurdish and Sunni villages and towns?
  5. Why Daash does not threaten Iran regime openly even a few quality overseas operations that if they could not do that at home, and so with the Syrian regime
  6. Finally.?

Tell me of trading with oil Daash … tell you from using them and protects them?

Indicate where certain information and documented that Wali(governor) Araaqa named Abu Luqman is a link between Daash and the Syrian regime, is in charge of the management to provide the system with oil and gas daily operations, provided that the Daash to protect those fields and refineries in exchange for maintenance of the system have machining and engineers by 60% of the system and 40% for Daash, and compared to one without exposure to the other?

Daash remains The Great Satan’s cake and magical gift of heaven to the Persian Empire, which masks the fact that the intentions of the mullahs criminal enemies of freedom and democracy, has become for them Nail Juha entitles them to enter countries in the region (Iraq, Syria, Yemen and tomorrow Egypt and Saudi Arabia), and the important question is   does the biggest Satan know reality of the game, the answer is up to the reader talent.