Because of the ” al-Hazm Storm ” .. Gulf markets drop

28 March 2015 11:19 pm 1444 views
Because of the " al-Hazm Storm " .. Gulf markets drop

Rihab News, RNA

With the start of the coalition of legitimacy and support air strikes in Yemen and the airstrikes for ” al-Hazm Storm ” that Saudi forces leads, Gulf markets suffered heavy losses, on Thursday, before returning and contracting of these losses.
According to the website, “Arabia Net,” the Saudi market index managed to reduce its losses which exceeded 3%, in the beginning of the decline at 12:58 GMT to 0.81%, bringing the index to the level of 8796 points.
And Dubai market reduced index declined also, where the main index lost about 0.80%, dropping the index at the close to the level of 3407 points, trades worth 655 million dirhams.
Arabtec shares lost 3.48%, and the Emaar of 0.16%, and Islamic Dubai 0.85%, and Dubai Investments the decline by 0.44%.
The Abu Dhabi index fell by 0.26% to the level of 4360 points, under pressure from the majority of market segments, especially the real estate sector 4.27%, and energy 3.2%.
The Kuwait Stock Exchange Index lost 2.42% to be at the level of 6222 points, and the diameter of 0.95% to the level of 11393 points.
The Bahrain market index fell 0.84% to 1442 points, the MSM Index by 2.58% to the level of 6112 points.