Kurdistan Democratic Party ” Syria ends integration process by electing it`s secretary and members

9 April 2014 8:51 pm 1804 views
Kurdistan workers' party

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After nearly about three days of continuous, media, closed sessions of the Political Union Parties, the four parties,finished on Tuesday, the final merger process under the name of “Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria ). On the impact of this sessions the Central Committee, which came out of the new party,  elected “Saud Al- Mella” by 32 votes a secretary for the Party, and “Mohamed Ismail”as an administrator of the Political office of Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria)

Members of Political Office Names

Mohammed Ismail–  

-Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar

– Mustafa Gomaa

Mustafa Oso

Abdul Basit Hamo–  

Abdul Karim Abu Luqman

Mohammed Ali Abu Nado

Nasha`t Zaza

Mohsen Taher

Nafe`a biro

Farhad Shaheen

Muslim Mohammed

Kamiran Hajo

Mustafa Mamo

Lazgeen Fakhri

Bashar Amin

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