A Kurdish delegation in “Washington” to discuss the peace process with Turkey

6 April 2014 2:55 am 1590 views

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" R.N.A " – Shiyar Ahmad


      A Kurdish politician delegation from Turkey, visiting the U.S. capital "Washington" . The delegation is headed by the Kurdish politician, "Ahmed Turk", Co-Chair of the People's Democratic Kurdish Party, and "Nazim Gor", Vice-President of Peace and Democracy Party.


    The delegation will hold many political meetings, with members of the U.S. Congress, the delegation stressed that all their meetings will revolve around two main files, first to discuss the peace process with Turkey , Where the delegation will seek to call the U.S. administration to follow up on this file , and work to support them by all means . The second file is to work   to take out " PKK"  from the U.S. terrorism list  after the party entered the peace process and initiated a cease-fire and withdrawal their forces from Turkey, and their willingness to give up their arms if the Turkish government agreed on the Kurdish conditions and demands  according to the agreement reached between "Ocalan" and the Turkish government.


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