Kobani ‘s suffering under siege, and Daash’s trying to displace residents

2 April 2014 3:59 am 2106 views

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" R.N.A " – Kobani – Aqeel Kobani


        Daash  is Imposing during this period a tight blockade on Kobani, through the closure of all roads and entrances to the area , and prevent the entry and exit of various vegetables, food and medical relief to it, which led to the loss of this material in stores, creating a crisis which the citizen bears its consequences.

        Daash cut of electricity and water to the entire region, for more than two months , which prompted people to buy electric generators ,and dig artesian wells or buy water at high prices, so the price per barrel was 250 SP.

      people of Kobani appeals to all international of human , civil ,and religious organizations and bodies to immediately intervene and lift the unjust siege on their area, because it is contrary to the laws and international humanitarian customs,  and heavenly laws.

     It is worth mentioning that Kobani is surrounded by Daash fighters from the western , southern , and Eastern side, and from time to time they attacks Kurdish security forces, who are stationed on the outskirts of the region , and try to enter the city .