Jaafari” describes the High Commissioner for Human Rights as “crazy” because…”

10 April 2014 8:21 pm 1101 views

 Rihab News” R.A.N- Shiyar Ahmad

          Mr. “Bashar Jaafari,” … the Syrian regime representative at the United Nations – in an improper conduct  and far from conversational etiquette and diplomatic norms Descriped High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations “Mrs. Navi Pillay” as “Madwoman” .This act receive a severe censure among diplomats at the United Nations.

     Jaafari`s disposal and reaction was because of “Navi Pillay`s report in front of the UN Security Council on the situation of human rights in Syria, where she said that ” Syrian regime forces violations for human rights exceed the violations of the armed opposition. This report  provoked al-Jaafari,and pushed him  to responds in a manner out of diplomatic Arts, describing her accusations as false and  lacks credibility where he  said that she has become crazy in her work, and behave in a manner lacks responsibility.