Israel: Bashar al-Assad helps “Hezballah” by ways, the father didn`t dare to do

9 April 2014 2:22 pm 1066 views





"Rihab News" R.A.N – Mallek Elias

an Israeli officer of high level, announced of Israel`s caution and concern from acquiring Hezballah guerrillas a  new methods and the growing in their experience as a result of their participation in the war in Syria, this  came as a response to the questions of Israeli media, as it mentioned on the site of "Yediot  Ahronot" newspaper on Internet

     The Israeli officer did not rule out that the Syrian army might intervene by Hezballah side in case  a war broke out between Israel and Hezballah in Lebanon.

     Moreover, he declared about Israel's fears of Hezballah's arsenal possession of missiles with high destructive capability and accuracy in injury, stressing that the three thousand missiles will fall on us daily in case war broke out with Hezballah

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