The Entry of Humanitarian Aid to the Eastern Districts of Aleppo for the first time in since months…

10 April 2014 8:33 pm 1057 views

    After reaching an agreement between battalions of the Syrian opposition and forces of the Syrian regime on fire-cease in eastern neighborhoods in  Aleppo city, Syrian Red Crescent Organization chould in collaboration with the High Commission of the United Nations to entry relief and humanitarian aids for the first time since ten months.They couldn`t do this before  due to the clashes which were taking place during this period controlled by the forces of the Syrian opposition.

Syrian city of Aleppo in all neighborhoods suffers very difficult humanitarian situations, in addition to the exposure of the explosive barrels bombing that claimed the lives of many civilians daily.

  The aid shipment reached 270 trip, were transported by volunteers on mini vans where they contain the food and health needs.