“Barzani:” “Kurds” will not subject to any “authority” after so many sacrifices

4 April 2014 5:31 am 909 views



" R.N.A " – Hawler – Aram Ibrahim


       During a ceremony held in the capital city of Arbil on the occasion of Kurdistan Democratic Party announcement its election platform, Mr. Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Regional Government said that the Kurds, and after all sacrifices they've made, and thousands of martyrs during the way of struggle for freedom,  will not give any concessions to anyone ,and  will not be subject to any authority  .

These words were reference to the pressures exerted by the Iraqi government, which is headed "Nuri al-Maliki" on the region.

     Where Barzani stressed that the Iraqi government is not trying to find any solution to the suspended crisis between the region and the government, but it's trying to exacerbate it, and basically refuses to accept the partnership with the region, and in return, we will not accept this, and we reject the policy of marginalization against the Kurds.