Is the artist ” Yasser al-Azma” died

8 April 2014 7:45 pm 5320 views




"Rihab News" R.A.N – New Dawn"

In conjunction with spred news about the death of" Tawfiq Al-Nouri" the star "Abbas Al-Nouri`s " father, it also spread the death of the star"Yasser Al-Azma" by traffic accident.    

    The latest news wasn`t true, as the death of Haj "Tawfiq Al-Nouri "news, But as usual, it was just a rumor.But  not only that, It seems that the site which published at the beginning the news of "Yasser al-Azma" death, Is a Jordanian site, and it is the same one which spread the rumor of the star" Ayman Rida`s"death, After being hit by a mortar before days ago.

      " Noaam" Site , through telephone conversation with the Almighty star" Yasser Al-Azma" , make sure that his health is fine, and that he is alive, and what was published was just a matter of rumor, which is completely false.

     It is worth mentioning, that many  of media, published that the artist"Yasser Al-Azma"  while was on the road to Damascus – Latakia, suffered a terrible accident caused his death.The worseis that some websites began to publish this  news accompanied by a video recording which led to spread  the news dramatically.

   It seems that death rumors will continue to pursue Syrian drama stars. It had been published befor a period ago ,the death of "Bab Al-Hara" series hero "Wael Sharaf"in Damascuse,but after his audience and fans shocked , the news turned out to be baseless rumor. 


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