Al-Safi says, “I will not go into new negotiations with the Syrian regime” , and Al-Zoubi respond

9 April 2014 8:45 pm 955 views

Rihab News” R.A.N- Istanbul – Joan Al-Mohammed

           Louay Al-Safi” the member of Syrian ,Opposition, National Coalition states  “coalition  lack of intention to run new contest of negotiations with the Syrian regime under the current circumstances” .He said too that “ the overall situation is not suitable at present to run a new round of negotiations”, accusing the Syrian regime , that it is not ready for a political solution and devolution of power

   In a related context and  at the conclusion of its meetings in Istanbul, the Syrian National Coalition expressed its dissatisfaction with the support received by the Coalition in comparison with “Al-Assad`s” Support from his allies, particularly from Russia, Iran, Iraq and Hezballah.

     According to Al-Hayat newspaper, Syrian Minister of Media,”Omran Al-Zoubi attacked with an insane accent saying” that the elections will not be postponed, and that military operations would continue regardless of the election. He added, “we won`t allow for any  security reasons, military , political internal or external to postpone or cancel the presidential election.

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