Revival of the 35th anniversary for the departure of “Barzani” ..

2 March 2014 5:56 am 711 views

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" R.N.A " Amuda – Raman Hso


    The local council of the Kurdish National Council revived , in city of Amuda , the 35th anniversary of the death of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, in Siran Hall.

This memorial service was attended by a large crowd of people of the city , of junior and senior guys and gals, from various political parties, social and cultural rights , political parties , civil society organizations,  and associations.


The memorial service began with the national anthem (Ay Raqib ) and pause a minute of silence on the spirit of the late, and then followed by a few words, was the most prominent of the local council delivered by Mr. Essam Aref, and several other cables.


The Kurdistan Democratic Rojava student union withdrew before memorial service, because some of the parties to the Council didn't give them the right to speak at the memorial, as confirmed to us by a member of the student union.

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