Oglu “: political borders with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will be …

16 March 2014 1:55 pm 667 views



" R.N.A " – Hawler – Aram Ibrahim


    In a joint press conference of the Foreign Minister of Turkey, "Ahmet Davutoglu," and the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Mr. "Nechirvan Barzani" in the Turkish city of "Wan" , "Oglu" stated  that Turkey is seeking to convert its border with Iraqi Kurdistan Region from political boundaries to humanitarian borders , and work to break down barriers between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples , and increase relations between the two countries, stressing that this represents the most appropriate way to build a better and good-neighborly relations,  and peaceful coexistence in the region.

    Oglu added, that" Such steps we will be doing in the near future, promoting the peace process in the region, and to link humanitarian relations between the  Kurdish and Turkish peoples .

    It is worth mentioning that the official delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by the prime minister, "Nichirvan Barzani" has arrived the Turkish city of "Wav " today, in an  official visit which will take several days.