Kobani farewell the artist “Siamend Oskli”

26 March 2014 12:59 pm 738 views


" R.N.A " – Kobani – Aqeel Kobani


   Kobani buried in a majestic procession  the body of the artist Siamend Oskli toward "Tarmik" cemetery, where he was laid   amid a large crowd of friends, artists and people of the area.

   Oskli has died after a boat sank was carrying Syrian refugees near the coast of the Turkish city of Bodrum, in the Aegean Sea a few days ago, where he intends to resort to Europe.

    The artist was born in Kobani in 1972,  and was one of the artists who have enriched the Kurdish art scene with several folk and national albums .

He has two songs for the martyrs Mashaal Tammo and Rustam Judy.