Kobani charitable clinic ..an initiative sign to provide medical and health care for the needy

30 March 2014 1:42 pm 635 views




" R.N.A " – Kobani – Aqeel Kobani


     Kobani charity clinic, opened with support from the global body for doctors across the continents, to provide health and medical services necessary for the people, especially in light of social and economic,  and health conditions, in the region .

    The  clinic, which is located alongside the bakery, includes many medical clinics ,and nursing staff, specializing in internal medicine, women's and children, ear, nose and throat,  and general medicine, as well as some machines and equipment for the ECG and blood analysis.


   The pharmacist Mahmoud Muslim, the administrative in the  clinic, said that The health and nursing staff consists of 11  doctor, 3 nurses and a pharmacist .

He said that the clinic offers a preview and medicines, free of charge to the citizens, pointing out that the number of patients benefiting from its services, since it opened in / 8 / February of this year, and until / 23 / March, reached / 2600 /.


      Medicines across continents was founded by a group of doctors, pharmacists, technicians, nurses and media in early 2003 – it is a global humanitarian medical  Body , providing , high-quality medical care to patients and people affected by disasters and crises, regardless of race, religion or country.