Arab tribes form ” Ansar Army ” in Raqqa to fight Kurds

31 March 2014 5:20 am 954 views


"R.N.A" – Jan Mella


    The Arab tribes in the Syrian province of Raqqa announced formation of "Ansar Army" in order to fight the Free Syrian Army and the Kurds, this army will consist of about 1,500 fighters, in addition to many of the fighters in the ranks of reservists .

  These tribes also imposed on each house to recruit a person from each family or the family that does not recruit anyone, should arm a volunteers in this army  .

The Arab tribes that make up the " Ansar Army " are:

1 – Sialah cla

2 – Mneef clan

3 – Halawa Clan

4 – Jamilah clan

5 – Aafadlh clan

6 – Qais clans

7 – a section of Al-Mashour

8 – Naeem clan

9 – Alfdaan clans and Shammar and Anza

10 –  Majadma clans

11 – Tai clan

12 –   Albu Daher clan

13 –Dawood clan

14 –   Halawa clan

Also the entire clan in "Saluk " and "Tal Abiad", and it is worth mentioning that these Arab tribes in the city of Raqqa and   the town "Saluk " and "Tal Abiad", pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria "Daash."

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