Al-Nusra Front advance, and Daash is fighting the Kurdish forces in Al Hasakah countryside

2 March 2014 5:40 am 712 views

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" R.N.A " – Shiyar Ahmad


     Front victory progress in coordination with the Islamic Front to control the villages and towns from the hands of the  Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, known as the "Daash" in Hasakah countryside north of Syria.'


Daash organization, executed the legitimate Prince of Al-Nusra Front, "Ali Hamad Saeed Alhajar" in the town of "Mrkdh" , in Al- Hasakah countryside before controlling  a large parts of the town. The fighting is still going on between the two sides, near "Taljiah"  gas station, according to reports by Syria opposition sites.


In a related context, the Syrian National Coalition condemned what the Kurdish protecting units do, killing civilians and burning of houses in the village of " Tell Brak" in Al Hasakah countryside, according to a statement .

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