Eighteen Syrian children ignite a revolution shaked the world

28 February 2014 6:38 am 3496 views

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" R.N.A " – Damascus – Khaldoun  khattab


On this day, three years ago, eighteen children from the city of Daraa in the south of Syria were arrested , because of some  anti-Syrian regime writings, and they were tortured in regime detention to the degree of gouge their soft nails. That was by  orders of the head of the Political Security branch in Daraa "Aasif Najib."

This was the beginning spark of the Syrian revolution, from the city of Horan in Daraa . The encroachment on the sovereignty of the repressive regime was not thought by the Syrians, because of the brutality of the regime in the past   events in other parts of Syria.


Those Syrian children were :


1. Muawiya Faisal Sayasneh

  2. Adnan Yousef Sowaidan

  3. Samer Ali Sayasneh

  4. Ahmad Jihad Abazid

5. Issa Hassan Abu Alqayas

6. Alaa Mansour Irshaidat Abazid

  7. Mustafa Anwar Abazid

8. Nidal Anwar Abazid

  9. Akram Anwar Ibazer

  10. Bashir Farouk Abazid

  11. Nayef Mowaffak Abazid

  12. Ahmed Thani Rashidat Abazid

  13. Ahmad Shukri Alkrad

  14. Abdul Rahman Nayef Irshaidat

15. Ayman Mohammed Munawar Alkrad

  16. Ahmed Nayef Rashidat Abazid

  17. Nabil Imad Rashidat Abazid

  18. Muhammad Amin Yasin Rashidat Abazid

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